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Traveling Freaks
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Greetings everyone!

While I won't say that this is a reincarnation of "Traveling Freaks," I will say that this is hopefully the re-beginning of what I expected "Traveling Freaks" was to become prior to some financial setbacks that is still in the recovery process  by the chief person responsible for the website.

Traveling Freaks in it's current and prior state is an underground lifestyle blog, promotional outfit, and just a place to get information on the best in events in Southeast United States (mainly Florida).  We focus on events for the goth, industrial, steampunk, fetish, and more.  

Run by local underground lifestyle dork - Count Jason, of Tampa, it's the hope that their will be more coming from this now that things have calmed through the fire.  Stay tuned for news, pictures, events, and more.
WE'RE BACK (Again)
May-Hem (May 24th - 27th) - The Rozen Centre

Stockade 2 (May 25th) - Rozen Plaza

Fetishcon (direct link)

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Last Saturday, at the Castle, it was October 31st....well...not REALLY, it was half way though which is just enough of a reason to celebrate as it is for another. (read more)